Marvin Library Announces Fall Genealogy Classes

SHELBY, OH – Marvin Memorial Library will offer free genealogy classes the second Saturdays of the month from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Local genealogist Christina Yetzer Drain will present one hour of lecture and demonstration on a specified topic, followed by two hours of independent research by participants, with assistance if needed. Laptop computers are also available for research, or participants may bring their own to log on to library resources such as Ancestry Library Edition and Fold3. To reserve a seat, call 419-347-5576.

Sept. 14

Getting started in Genealogy Research

Who are your ancestors? Were they Irish, German, or Native American? In this introductory class, you will learn how to begin your research by outlining what you know and forming research questions, gathering information, interviewing family members and preserving documents and photos. A great refresher for those who have been casually researching for ancestors and want to take their research to the next level.  Participants will also tour the Marvin Genealogy Room to learn more about resources available locally.

Oct. 12

Organizing your Research

So, you are starting to collect photos and stories of your ancestors. How will you find Aunt Letty’s photo when you want to show it at the family reunion? Learn how to create effective paper- and computer-based filing and data systems, as well as web-based programs and family history websites to share with family members. A demonstration of the popular genealogy software RootsMagic is included.

Nov. 9

  Research 101

Genealogy research can be daunting unless you know how and where to search. Using library resources, we will learn how to navigate popular websites, as well as some niche sites. Many records are not digitized yet. Learn where to search in county offices to discover local land records, birth, death, and probate records.

Dec. 14

Turning Research into Family Stories Birth and death records, newspaper clippings, maps, land deeds, wills – they are all pieces of a puzzle that can tell an ancestor’s story. Learn how to weave a tale, write an article, or publish a book that will interest even non-genealogists in the family.