Public libraries are crucial resources for any genealogist. The Crestline Public Library and all the other Crawford County Ohio libraries are no exception. Continue on to learn what is available at the Crestline Ohio Public Library.

#1 Ohio Genealogical Society Publications

The Crestline Public Library has several of the OGS publications. In addition, they have the entire Crawford County Chapter of OGS collection of publications. And there are also many Richland County Chapter books. The collection is located in the bookcase in the west wing of the library near the grandfather clock. CD collections are available at the front desk.

#2 Crestline Ohio Area Family Histories

Next to the genealogy books, inside a filing cabinet are the family histories of many Crestline, Ohio area families. You can research surnames such as Livingston, Blum, Brown, Salvati, Saum, Shearer, and many others. There is also a book about Coach Merle Hudson in it.

#3 Genealogical Resource Guides & Society Newsletters, Reports, & Bulletins

In the same cabinet as the family histories, you’ll find plenty of resources to help find your ancestors. Inside are random Pennsylvania genealogies, Ohio Genealogical Society Reports, Palantine Society Newsletters, Richland County People and Industries information, and Crawford County, Ohio Court Records from the 1800’s.

#4 Obituaries – On Hardcopy and Microfilm

Find a hardcopy of your Crestline Ohio ancestor’s obituary in the collection of obituaries sitting on top of the Family Histories cabinet. This collection contains obituaries from the past decade. For older obituaries, ask a librarian to use the Microfilm machine and view the library’s obituary collection on microfilm.

#5 Historical Railroad Collection

Turn around from in front of the Obituaries and Family History filing cabinet and you will find an extensive collection of books and publications about the railroads. Know of someone who worked at the Crestline Roundhouse? This collection will give you an idea of what life was like for your Crawford County ancestor.

#6 Unique Collections in the Backroom

Ask the front desk to see the many artifacts and historical publications stored in the Crestline Public Library’s backroom. There you’ll find copies of the Advocate going back to 1869. Some of this newspaper is on microfilm and some is in hard copy. In here you’ll also be able to view artifacts about Gates Brown and Merle Hudson. Other items include a Bicentenial newspaper collection, a Roundhouse demolition collection, Crawford County Ohio cemetery plot maps, railroad yard maps, and other historical items. It’s really a Crestline historian’s dream!

#7 Historic Crestline Photographs

Don’t leave the Crestline Public Library without seeing the photographs of Historic Crestline taken by Ed Bletz in the 1970’s and 1980’s. They are located in the Main Floor Meeting Room. Ask the front desk if the room is open to visitors. Unless there is a community meeting or library program going on inside, you’ll be able to view the historic photographs.

Historic Crestline Photo Collection in Main Meeting Room
Historic Crestline Photo Collection in Main Meeting Room

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  1. The Crestline Library is looking to the book: Brave of the Brave Vol II to add to its genealogical book collection. If you have a copy and would like to donate it to the library, please contact Cheryl at 419-683-3909.