This post was contributed to the Crawford County Chapter of OGS by Kristina Stearley as part of the Florence Siefert Scrapbook in 2010.

The scrapbook is compiled from undated, unidentified newspaper clippings involving events in the lives of Crawford County citizens living in or having connections to New Washington, Tiro, Shelby, Sulphur Springs, Chatfield, Bucyrus, Ashland, Mansfield, and other areas. Only minimal spelling or punctuation corrections were made. Unreadable areas are shown by underlines, dots &/or question marks. This collection has been scanned, “optical character recognized” (OCR’d), proofed, then coded for HTML by volunteers of the Crawford County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society. Since the copies are not of the best quality errors may have been made. Please contact us if you find corrections needing to be made or can verify any missing dates which could be added.

The HERALD in its last issue, gave notice of the sudden death of Elizabeth Huber. As the deceased had many friends in New Washington and vicinity, a short sketch of her life might be of some interest. It is indeed true that the biographies of most of these old settlers, whose cradles rocked in the begining of this century, are made up, for the greater part, with common place facts. In fact all the items that made up their live’s histories, might be sumed up as follows: Birth, baptism, confirmation, marriage, an honorable family, a Christian death. There is nothing extraordinary about this, nothing to call for that plaudit of the world which cheers the dazzling exploits of genius. But to him who knows that the lives of those who follow the common order of Providence, the toiling labor and the housewife with the brows sweat and the hearts tender care bringing up a family of hardy sons and daughters make up the world’s prosperity to him who knows that such matter of fact statements like the following will be of considerable interest.
Elizabeth Huber, nee Huber, was a native of Germany, being born in Thaleischweiler, Bavaria, on the 23rd of Dec. 1816. Soon after her birth she was received into covenant relation with Jesus through infant baptism. In 1830 she was confirmed in the Ev. Luth. church of her native place. The sudden death of her dear husband Carl Huber, to whom she was married is fresh in the minds of many although it happened six years ago. Deceased was the mother of 9 children, 6 of whom are still living. She has been a resident of New Washington since 1871, and a constant member of the Ev. Lutheran St. John’s church.
Since the death of her husband, grand mother Huber has been living alternately with her children and alone in their immediate neighborhood. She was not as healthy as her robust body would naturally impress us, nor yet so ill as to be confined to her bed. The manner of her death, how, on the morning of the 15th of March she was found in her bed, stiff and cold, most likely the victim of heart disease, was sufficiently noticed in last week’s HERALD. Suffice it to say that notwithstanding her sudden departure, we have sufficient hope that she was prepared in the Lord Jesus to stand before her God. Her daily tools, prayer book, and spectacles, were lying side by side on her table where she had last used them.
Deceased reached the age of 71 yrs. 2 mo., and 22 days. She leaves 3 sons, three daughters, 25 grand children, and three great grand children, who deeply mourn her loss. The funeral took place from the Ev. Lutheran St. John’s church and a large concourse of people paid their last honors to the dead. The funeral sermon was preached by the undersigned, based on Math. 24, 42. God comfort us all and make us prepared to meet Him on that great day of the final reckoning.


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