These lists were transcribed from the 1923 SPY (Galion High School Annual). This post was originally PUBLISHED IN TRACKING IN CRAWFORD COUNTY VOLUME 1, ISSUE 2 (may, 1975).

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NOTE: Some names were unreadable in original source.

S.S. Pague
W.P. Stentz
Almeda Bilsing – Reagle
Ida Campbell-Riblet
George Daily
Alena Duck – Hackedorn
Amanda Knisely-Warr
A. W. Lewis
Helen Oburn-Crafts
Clara Ogden-Stewart
Alice Riblet – Wilson
_esse Mann – Wood
Mary Martin- Knoble
_nna Young
_izzie Armstrong – White
Hortense Camp-Lee
Helen Harding Meredith
_ay Hays Wheeler
Charles McBeth
_ames Vining
_lice Whitworth – Wheaton
_ebb J. Kelley
_. L. Pepper
Lena Pepper
_.L. Smith
Estella Coyle
Carrie Euler
Clara Frankenburger – Sawyer
Lou Hofstetter
Nettie Kinsey
Frank Kinsey
Sadie Lindsley – Merrill
Melville Smith
Hester Smith-Ridenour
Anna Stiefel
Frank Stout
Mary Young-Badkins
Emma Cave – Lowe
Ella Campbell-Adair
Ollie Crim (Mrs. Geo. L. Orim)
Ada Gochenour-Williams-Daze
Will Hays
Lizzie Hosford-Plowe
Lulu Homer
Ed Johnson
Carrie Johnson (Mrs. Sam Riblet)
Jennie Martin
A.W. Monroe
John Talbott
Emma Linsey-Stanford
Gussie Carbart
Frank Campbell
Ella Crim (Mrs. F.M. Warrington)
Judson Hales
Albert Kinsey
Rufus Moore
Frank Snyder
Jesse Young
Helen Bassitt-Spittle
Cora Coyle (Mrs. R.W. Funk)
Frank Foultz-Brokaw
Dick Foye Harding
Alice Krohn
Nina Wineland (Mrs. Frank Snyder)
Eugene Monroe
Maybelle Mann-Mahannah
Nettie McBane-Golliday
Tillie Wernle -Nichols
Laura Pague-Elliott
Ida Traul-Sate
Carrie Oburne
Forrest Bowlby
Addie Bull (Mrs. Ed K. Clark)
Julius Eise
Frank Fralick
Clarence Johnson
Ida Krohn (Mrs. Homer Seif)
Estella Krohn (Mrs. E.J. Healy)
Della Quigley-Euler
Ella Riblet-Billow
Alonzo Snyder
Lulu Burgett-House
Ella Connor -Kane
Milford Park
Fred Rowe
Kittie Spittle-Hollinsworth
Maud Wineland
Kate Barlowe
Carrie Barlowe
Cora Carhart-Larkin
Mame Dietrich-Brown
Jennie Durgin
Carrie Fisher-Marshall
Lou Smith-Bundy
May White-Freese
Nettie Belton-Booth
Anna Chateau-Hassinger
Dr Will Krohn
Susie McNeil-Wellings
Roskin Moore
Belle Ridgeway-Hillyer
Nellie Stewart (Mrs. B.B. Gill)
Mary Baldinger
Laura Class
Jennie Cook (Mrs. John Rowe)
Ella Conners
Carrie Gill-Todd
Lydia Kinsey-Porter
John Laird
Sadie Mackey-Pounder
Jennie Niles-Noonen
Anna Paul-Boyer
Rena Reese
Lulu Ristine- Hanlin
Frank Rule
Inez Reed
Carrie Spittle-Davis
Sadie Winans-Mose
Mabel Wineland-Herbold
Galion Ohio High School enrollment lists from 1871 to 1884. Source: 1923 SPY – The Galion High School Annual

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