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Tracking Vol. VII #4, pg 38-40 – May 1981

GOODIES FROM MARY’S CORNER – “I have discovered that not enough people researching Probate Court records remember to check the Clerk of Courts for Chancery records. They are the records that contain wills, estates, partition of land, divorce etc. before the Probate Court came into being as we know it today. There are 5 volumes of Chancery Court records and I talked with (Probate Court) Judge Baerkircher, our member, and he said he felt those records came about as a result of a new county system not being totally stabilized then. He will call if he finds further information, and I advise you not to write to Clerk of Courts here in our county, because the judge of that court is not in a position to work with those old records. I just received another call from Judge Baerkircher and he says: prior to the establishment of the constitutional Probate Court in 1851, it’s functions were carried out by the Common Pleas Court, probably by circuit riders representing more than one county. Crawford County Probate Court records begin in 1831 and include records of wills and adms. etc, The Judge felt it may have been in Chancery records, partly because of the division of the counties and he will be watching for any information on this, Thank you Judge Baerkircher. I tried to check the index for names our members are researching – here is what I found:”

  • Vol 1, p. 137 March Term – 1837 – Roxannah Parcher vs Royal, John, Harriett, George & Delancey Parcher. It states in 1836, the complainant (Roxannah), wife of Simon Parcher, late husband, Roxannah had since married Robert Kirkland and asked court that he be joint complainant. George Sweney was the guardian of infant (This must mean under age) heirs named in the complaint. Roxannah Parcher (now Roxannah Kirkland) said she was appt. by said Simeon the executrix of the said will and that the same will was produced in Court of Common Pleas March Term 1834. I checked Probate index and find only an adm A1-52 for Simeon Parcher, so in this case the Chancery Record clears up Roxannah’s 1st marriage!
  • Chancery Record, Vol. 2, P, 341 Oct, Term 1843 – Jacob Fox Sr vs Chancy Chipman, Wm. Wittse(?) & Benj. Blauchard – – Jacob Fox Sr said about 22 Nov 1842 said one Chancy Chipman, now of Wills County, Ill. and William Wittse of Crawford Co. Ohio – (In this case we find the location of Chancy Chipman in Ill.)!
  • Vol. 2, p. 366 March Term 1844 – Nehemiah Squier of Crawford Co. Ohio vs Charles & Martin Decker on 22 June 1843 – it was a case over money matters.
  • Chancery Vol. 3, p. 343 Rufus L. Blowers vs Zalmone Rowse, Sylvania Blowers, Lemuel L. Blowers, Sylvia Ann Blowers, Samuel L. Blowers, Gilbert Briggs, Olive Briggs, Russell B. Blowers, Adam C. Blowers on 4 Oct 1847 about land in Crawford Co. Ohio – a bill filed in Chancery – Rufus B. of Fayette Co. Ind., Rufus was a son of John 0. Blowers of Crawford Co., now deceased. The orator says 7 Jan 1845 letters of adm. on the estate of John 0. Blowers were granted and issued to Zalmon Rowse and Sylvania Blowers, relict and widow of said John 0. Blowers, who were adms. Your orator further represents that John 0. Blowers at his decease left his widow, Sylvania Blowers, and your orator, and Lemuel L. Blowers, now of DeKalb Co. Ind, Sylvia Ann Blowers, John C., Samuel, Olive, now married with Gilbert Briggs, Russell B. Blowers, Adam C,, his children and heirs at law of whom John C. Blowers has since departed this life, (again the probate index does not show a will, there is an adm. filed for a John Bowers.) John Blowers had previously devised his interest in the estate of his father (looks like heirs) of his brothers and sisters above named. Russell & Adam were minors under 21 yrs. So in chancery we find the entire family named, out of state residence, and a marriage of Olive. I hope to check probate file box sometime, see what it has.
  • Vol. 3, p. 28 June Term 1846 is a Partition Case – Nicodemus Chilcote and Elizabeth, his wf, Volney Powers & Mary Ann, his wf., John Idler & Elija Caroline, his wf. & Catharine Rosanna Ream vs Samuel Elijah Ream, 10th Feb 1846 – the petitioner of Crawford Co. about 184? located in Twp 23, Range 19 it was a lot in village of Paris, also tract of land in Plymouth Twp., Richland Co. Ohio, U.S.A. lands sold at Wooster, subject to deed and in addition the town of New Washington, Crawford Co. lot #30 purchased 22 Jan 1842 by said Samuel Ream of Peter Gulong for $50.00. The balance due on the land was paid 14 Aug 1843 (this is probably the missing date-above) after the death of Samuel Ream by Elizabeth Ream admistratrix of Samuel Ream, sworn the 27 Feb. 1844. The said Peter Gulong & Barbara his wf. Goes on to say Elizabeth Chilcoat, relict & widow of Samuel Ream has since intermarried with Nicodemus Chilcote. Your petitioner further represents that the said Mary Ann Powers, Eliza Caroline Idler & Catharine Rosanna Ream together with Samuel Elija Ream, a minor under age (21 yrs) resides in Crawford Co. John Idler was adm. of Ream’s estate. (here again, is death dates, the relationship of members of the family and where the land was located.
  • Chancery – Vol 3, p. 229 – Solomon P. Nave (Petition to sell land) adm. of Henry Nave, deceased vs Gideon Nave & Eliza his wf., Henry & Isabella, his wf., John S. Davis & Catharine, his wf., Jane Nave, Benjamin, Solomn, Margaret Nave, Elizabeth Gnish, Catherine, Martha, David & Ellen Gnish, Jane Ann Nave & Elizabeth Nave on 25th Feb. 1848 Solomon. P. Nave, petitioner and adm. of estate of Henry Nave in town of Galion lot #31 formerly located in Richland Co. 0., now in Crawford Co. The Gnish were children of Margaret, deceased, who was a dau. of Henry Nave, deceased and the wife of Wm. Gnish, Solomon Nave and Margaret Nave, minor children of John Nave, deceased, who was the son of Henry Nave, all of Crawford Co. and Jane Ann of Marion Co. and Elizabeth widow of Wm. Nave, deceased, of Adams Co. Ind. The said Benjamin David, Ellen are minors. (this gave parents, children, gr.children and residence!) I see in the index of probate, administration Al 128.
  • Chancery Vol. 1, P. 400 Issac Bacon vs Enoch Olmstead, Sally Olmstead, Emily Bacon, Almira Bacon (Petition to Partition) 20 Jan 1840 Issac was the complainant, he wanted title to premises (as described) as one of the children and heirs at law of Dexter Bacon, late of said county, deceased. The petitioner further represents that Emily Bacon and Thomas Bacon of Geauga Co. in Ohio and Almina Bacon of State of Michigan and Thomas Bacon & Almira Bacon were minors of Dexter Bacon. Dower had already been set aside for Sally (Bacon) Olmstead as the widow of said Dexter Bacon, deceased and Sally is now inter married with Enoch Olmstead of State of Michigan. The petitioner therefore prays that partition of said land may be made of said lands subject to said dower or if the same cannot be done without manifest injury, that then such other precedings may be had in the premises as are authorized by law. On.p. 401 Chancery Court, Mar. 17, 1840, John M. Armstrong was appt. guardian to said Infant dependants Thomas Bacon and Almira Bacon. (again relationships, place of residence etc is found.)
  • Chancery Court, Vol. l, p. 251 – Petitioner Wm. Early & Jacob Shroll adm. of estate of John Shroll deceased vs the widow & heirs, petition to sell land 11 March 1838. Wm. Early & Jacob Shroll were adm. of estate of John Shroll, deceased, intestate. John Shroll’s widow was Elizabeth & Jacob Shroll (one of your petetioners), Daniel Shroll, Lydia Shroll, John S., Benjamin S., Valentine S., Abraham S., Levi S., Christian S., Lewis S., Samuel S., & Eli S., (all underlined S stands for Shroll) of whom the last named are minors under the age of 21 yrs. March Term, 1837, court had ordered James H. Godman appt. gdn. to infant dependants, Benjamin, Valentine, Abraham, Levi, Christian, Lewis, Samuel and Eli.
  • Vol. 3, p. 252 – In Petition – Jesse Perkeypile, Phebe Purkepile, Issac Monnett, John Monett vs David Monnet and Linas Ross 3rd? Oct 1848 Term, The petitioner says John Monnett at his death left Petitioner the said Phebe (since intermarried with Jesse Perkypile) his widow. David, Issac & John Monnet were sons. David Monnett was one of the heirs of John Monnett deceased. Petition over the homestead farm. The Monnett homestead and bounded by Prairie land. Glancing over index to Vol. 5, think that Jesse & Phoebe regret their marriage, as a divorce is on the docket!

Tracking Vol VII #5 pg 52 * July 1981CONTINUED * CHANCERY RECORDS

  • Vol. 4, p. 240 JESSE PURKEYPILE vs PHEBE – Petition for divorce – I told you in the last newsletter where they had turned up married – Be it remembered 19 Aug 1852 petetioner filed in Clerk of Common Pleas Court about six yrs ago he legally married at the County of Crawford, State of Ohio, Phebe Purkeypile formerly Phebe Monnett of said county
  • Vol. 4 p. 213 SOPHRONIA WHARF AND FREDERICK WHARF vs STILLMAN REED, WM. REED, RUTH A. REED & SARAH E. REED Petition for Dower, 4 May 1852 That Sophronia Wharf & Frederick Wharf of County of Richland, State of Ohio, that same time in the month of Sept A.D. 1834 your petetioner, Sophronia Wharf intermarried with Bartholamew Reed, departed this life sometime in the month of Oct AD 1850 while on his way from Calif to the town of Mansfield, then his residence, leaving your petitioner, Sophronia Wharf, his widow, and the above named children, heirs at law and entitled to the neat immediate estate of inheritance and lands and tenements herein after mentioned and that said heirs are now minors residing with your petetioner in Richland Co. and that since decease of Bartholomew Reed, your petitioner Sophronia Wharf has intermarried with Frederick Wharf, but the land for petition was in Crawford County. (Here you can see that you probably couldn’t find Bartholamew Reed in 1850 census, says he died an way home from Calif. (probably gold rush) and maybe you would not found Sophronia married to Frederick Wharf, so you would miss her in the census too, especially since they evidently moved just over the line in Richland Co.

The last volume #5 – as I said, about 1/2 full goes to about 1855.

Tracking Vol VII #3 pg 51 * July 1981

MARY’S NOTES:The last time I wrote about the 5 volumes in Common Pleas Court called Chancery records. I abstracted material as I found it for our members and in the letter from Betty Walker, she said it did prove what they had thought to be true on the Parcher line. If you must have a copy of these records, contact me, not the Court house, they are not in a position to copy the records. I went thru the last of the 5 volumes, the 5th is about 1/2 full and dates around 1854. PLEASE NOTE: Due to family and health concerns, Mary is no longer able to do court house research.

  • From Volume 4, p. 308 JACOB ISELI, ADM. WITH WILL ANNEXED CHRISTIAN KEIBLER DECEASED vs JOHANN KEIBLER; ALRED GEORGE; ANDREW DICKSON; ANDREW McNUTT; & MATTHIAS KEIBLER. Petetion to sell land 13 March 1847 in Common Pleas Court. Jacob Iseli, adm. with the will of Christian Keibler, deceased, respectfully represents that the total value of the personal estate end effects of said deceased is as near as can be certain, $392.12, which will now fully appear by reference to the settlement account filed by your petetioner (amounts were given) Kiebler said the personal estate and effects are insufficient to pay said debts May 19, 1840 and Abraham McNutt bought from Andrew Dickson as tennents in common (gives description & costs) says Dickson bound himself to make a good and sufficient warrant deed for said land. The partition was produced written in German, goes on thus says Johanna Keibler, his widow, who selected to take under her will of said decedent is therefore entitled to dower in said 60 acres of lands and Alfred George Kibler an only child, aged 2 yrs. ca July 1846, your petitioner prays that said Johanna Keibler, Alfred George Keibler, Andrew Dickson and Abraham McNutt maybe made parties defendants to this petetion – – – – –

This record gives original Kibler spelling, Iseli is aka as lsaly, names widow, gives account of 2 yr. old only child (where would you find age in 1846, plus name if this record did not survive or a bible record)? If a Chancery record can be found, they are often in great detail.

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