This post is a transcription by member Linda J. Collins from “THE SPY THE ANNUAL” of Galion High School, Published by the Class of Nineteen Hundred and Seven. Pages 129 – 138 This yearbook is located at the Ohio Genealogical Society Library, Bellville, Ohio. Please note that the transcription has maintained errors of spelling and other inconsistencies in the original pages.

Class of 1905

John Miller was employed at the Erie shops as machinist’s helper until his recent removal to Arizona.

            Inez Green took a course in the Bucyrus Business College. She then accepted a position in Cleveland where she is still employed.

            Laura Poister is living in Galion.

            LaRena Shelley is bookkeeper for the Prame Company of Galion.

            Marco Fransworth spent some time as a machinist in Marion, Indiana. He is now employed in the Erie shops of Galion.

            Beatrice Marvin is bookkeeper for the Zell Drug Co. of Galion.

            John Bair is employed as a fireman on the Big Four R. R.

            Selma Gommel clerked in a department store in Cleveland for some time and is now employed in an office there.

            Gaylord Humberger worked at Mt. Gilead for some time and is now employed as salesman by Truex & Dennig, the clothiers of Galion.

            Frieda Plack is taking a course at Heidelberg University.

            Cliff Rogers has been in the Postalwaite Undertaking establishment at Chicago studying embalming and fitting himself for an undertaker. After a severe illness he returned to Galion where he is recuperating.

            Helen Hollister is taking a course at O.S.U.

            Alice Barker was employed in a dry goods store in Galion until her marriage in 1906 to Mr. George Goshorn. She now lives at Spokane, Washington.

            Abba Boice is a student teacher in the Galion Schools.

            Tony Schreck married Mr. Laser and is now living in Shelby, Ohio.

            Earl Laughbaum has been teaching country schools and is now teacher in the North Robinson High School.

            Helen Parkinson has been doing reportial work for the Galion Inquirer since her graduation.

            Herman Ricker has been teaching country school.

            Carrie Rexroth is at her home near Bucyrus.

            Harry Tamblyn was employed as clerk in Galion and Bucyrus. Worked for the Galion Leader for some time. Went to Cleveland to take a position in a shoe store and is now employed as a clerk in the Standard Oil offices of that city.

            Naomi Knight has been employed as bookkeeper for the Galion Water Works company.

            Howard Hackedorn is taking a course in agriculture at O.S.U.

            Herbert Burgener has been employed as hotel clerk in Galion and in Elyria. He is at present living east of Galion.

            Florence Lanius clerked in a dry goods store for some time but at present is not employed.

            Marguerite Armour is a bookkeeper at the First National Bank, Galion.

            Glenn Braden taught school for some time and at present is studying in the Morgan engineering Works at Alliance.

            Leona Ricker has been teaching in the Galion schools since her graduation. She is now teacher of the third and fourth grades of the South building.      

            Inez Cronenwett is teaching country school.

            John Hunter is employed in the Pennsylvania offices at Crestline.             Bessie Moderwell took a course in the Mansfield Business College and has since been employed as a stenographer in Mansfield.

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