This post is a transcription by member Linda J. Collins from “THE SPY THE ANNUAL” of Galion High School, Published by the Class of Nineteen Hundred and Seven. Pages 129 – 138 This yearbook is located at the Ohio Genealogical Society Library, Bellville, Ohio. Please note that the transcription has maintained errors of spelling and other inconsistencies in the original pages.

Class of 1898

Hilda Miller taught school one year in the country and then became a student teacher in the Galion schools, later a regular teacher. She taught three years at the West building and one year at the East. In 1904 she entered O.SU. at Columbus and is fitting herself for a high school teacher.

            Belle Monroe was a student teacher from September, 1900, to January 1901. She taught at the North Building, Galion, for four years and is now teaching at the West building.

            Ada Simon taught school for some time. She married Mr. Waters, a railroader who later was killed in an accident. She is now doing special school work in Galion.

            Carrie Cuthbert married Earl Barr, a railroader, and is living in Galion.

            Minnie Flanery is a clerk for her father.

            Elsie Helfrich taught in the German Parochial School two years, then took up stenographic work and is now a stenographer in Mansfield.

            Eda Altstaetter attended “Phelps” for two years, graduated from Wells College, taught in a private school in Newark, N.J. She has traveled abroad and is now living with her brother in Pittsburg, Pa.

            Elmer Christman attended O.S.U., at Columbus. Went west and is now a mining engineer at Seattle, Washington.

            Valeria Kiess became collector for the Bell Telephone Company. In 1903 she married Rollin Metzler, a stenographer of Toledo, where she now resides.

            Mattie Dunham married Henry Davis, a jeweler and at present resides at Fremont Ohio.

            Jesse Sayre married Marion Winans, a railroad operator, and now resides at Orrville, O.

            Adelaide Murray is living with her father in Galion.

            Iva Kincaid was bookkeeper and stenographer in the Galion Water Works office until 1904 when she married August Christman of Bucyrus, Ohio, where she now lives.

            Ora McNeil moved to Cleveland shortly after graduation, thence to Elyria where she is employed in a factory.

            Vinnie Spraw was married in 1898 to Mr. Warden, a carriage trimmer in Upper Sandusky.

            Mabel Safford was assistant matron in the Mt. Vernon Children’s Home. She moved to Cleveland where she was employed in a business office. She married Mr. Wilson, a retired merchant, and moved to New Castle, Pa., and then to Brandon, Ohio, where she died.

            Ruth Hagerman taught in the Galion schools. In 1903 she married Prof. Clarence Winans, the principal of the Shelby, Ohio schools.

            Rollin Reisinger clerked in his father’s drug store for some time, but has since removed to Barberton, Ohio, where he is engaged in the drug business.

            Grace Knoble did concert and church work after graduating and at present has a class in piano music.

            Alma Klopp clerked in Klopp’s dry goods store. She was married in 1903 to Ralph Sayre, a civil service employee, and still resides in Galion.

            Nell Kline was a stenographer in W. P. Kimball’s office. She was married in 1903 to Lewis King of Galion.

            Florence Bryan attended Oberlin College, taking a course in public school music, and is now the music director of the Parkersburg, West Va. schools.

            Leo Sauerbrun attended a school of Dental Surgery in Ann Arbor and is now a practicing dentist in Mansfield, O.

            Iva Zimmerman was married in 1902 to Rev. David Reiser, a minister of the German Reformed church of Tiffin, O.

            Anna Pilgrim was married in 1901 to J. W. Reed, an electrician of Lima, Ohio.

            Glenmore Davis attended Cornell University from which school he graduated. He was on the staff of “Everybodys” for some time and is now the Dramatic Editor of the New York Globe in New York City.

            Laura Koppe learned the tailoring trade and is now the cashier at the Globe Clothing House, Galion.

            Harry Funk taught school for two years. He attended Oberlin College and at the present time is a civil engineer in Brooklyn, New York.

Grace McCool clerked for a short time and is now employed in the office of the Home Building and Loan Co., of Galion.

            Georgia Lewis attended Lake Erie College and afterwards entered the teaching profession, being employed one year at Crestline, and then in the schools of Galion, with which she is connected at present.

            Wade Lewis spent one year in G. H. S. as a postgraduate, and then entered Reserve Medical School, graduating in 1904. He took the Hannah Fellowship in research work until he went to the Lorain Tube Works as assistant surgeon, remaining there eighteen months. He then spent a year and a half at the Youngstown City Hospital, taking the regular course. He is now a practicing physician in Galion.

            Karl Rick accepted a clerical position in the Citizen’s National Bank, being promoted from time to time until he now holds the Assistant Cashiership.            

Harry Kinsey held a position at the Erie, remaining there one year. He then accepted the position of traveling salesman for The Armour Packing House. In 1904 he went to Alliance to the Morgan Engineering Works, learning to be a machinist, and is now a machinist in Pittsburg, Pa.

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