This post is a transcription by member Linda J. Collins from “THE SPY THE ANNUAL” of Galion High School, Published by the Class of Nineteen Hundred and Seven. Pages 129 – 138 This yearbook is located at the Ohio Genealogical Society Library, Bellville, Ohio. Please note that the transcription has maintained errors of spelling and other inconsistencies in the original pages.

Class of 1892

Miss Nettie Harriman attended Caton’s Business College, which was at that time in Galion, and in 1894 she took a position as stenographer in the Erie Master Mechanic’s office, which position she held until Jan., 1906 when she became the wife of Mr. John Shillinger, Engineer Maintenance of Way for the Big Four. They live in Galion.            

Miss Emma Altstaetter has lived at home since leaving school and after the death of her father, has been a partner in the business he had established.            

Miss Euphemia Morrison first attended business college in Galion and since 1893 has been private secretary at the Wheel Works in this city.            

Miss Laura Barker first held a position in the Post Office for a short time and since 1894 has been teaching in the Galion Public schools.            

Miss Berta Barr attended business college and in 1893 took a position as Stenographer at Howard’s Buggy Works, which position she held until 1898, when she married Mr. Gilbert Stiefel, a prominent business man of Galion.            

Miss Irene Meuser was a teacher in the Galion schools until June, 1896, when she married Mr. Buchholz, engine dispatcher, and they are now living in Raton, N.M.            

Mr. Lewis Barker read law with Lawyer Coulter and after attending Adelbert University, Cleveland, O., one year, was admitted to the bar in 1896. He then taught school until 1898 when he began to practice law in Galion. Shortly after, he was elected Justice of the Peace and served one term in that capacity. In 1905 Mr. Barker was elected City Solicitor, which position he holds at the present time.            

Mr. Earnest Pilgrim entered Case School, Cleveland, O., in 1893 and there took a course in Electrical Engineering, graduating in 1897. He then worked with the City Surveyor and for the Bell Telephone Co. until the spring of 1898, when he was called to a position in the General Electrical Co.’s Works, at Schnectady, N.Y. He has been regularly promoted and now holds a position in one of the higher offices of the same works.            

Miss Katherine Biebighauser taught in the German Parochial school until 1896 when she became the wife of Mr. Herman Helfrich.            

Miss Maud McCuen taught in the Galion schools until 1894 when she married Mr. Morgan, who is Electrician for the Big Four at Bellefontaine.            

Miss Emma Davis attended business college and then held a position in the Post Office until 1896, when she married Mr. Bodmer who is a Book Publisher in New York City.