This post is a transcription by member Linda J. Collins from “THE SPY THE ANNUAL” of Galion High School, Published by the Class of Nineteen Hundred and Seven. Pages 129 – 138 This yearbook is located at the Ohio Genealogical Society Library, Bellville, Ohio. Please note that the transcription has maintained errors of spelling and other inconsistencies in the original pages.

Class of 1891

Grace Bryan taught in the Galion schools for two years, when she married Mr. R. O. Morgan and is now residing in this city. Her work in the musical line is well known in Galion.            

Miss Grace Raymond attended business college one year and then took up her work as bookkeeper for Raymond and Blythe, in Galion. She is now employed in the same capacity in her father’s coal office.            

Mamie Prince left Galion to take a position as clerk in Cleveland. She was next employed in the master mechanic’s office in Bellefontaine and in the offices of the Lake Shore at Collinwood. She married Mr. Bates and is now living in Kansas City.            

Georgia Hackedorn taught school until her marriage with Mr. White. She is residing in this city.            

Fred Spittle worked in the offices of the Big Four at Galion until 1893, when he entered the Case School of Applied Sciences, Cleveland, O. He was then employed in the Big Four offices at Bellefontaine until in 1901 he was elected to his present position as Assistant Cashier of the Commercial and Savings Bank in that city.            

Ollie Mackey was employed in the Leader office until her marriage with Mr. Yeager in 1898. After a residence of three years in Perrysburg, she returned to Galion where her husband is now conducting a restaurant.            

Ida McClelland married Mr. Decker and is now residing in Seville, O.            

Laura Case was employed as a teacher in the Galion schools until her marriage with Mr. Nickels in 1896.            

Ernest Cleverdon, after a course at Ann Arbor, spent a number of years as assistant physician at Lake Side Hospital, Cleveland, O. He is now practicing medicine in Austin. Ill.            

Clara Canaan was employed as clerk in Indianapolis, Ind., until her engagement with the Holy City Co., with which she traveled a number of years. She is now at home with her parents at Indianapolis, Ind. Nettie Ernsberger entered Wittenberg College in 1893, where she attended two and one half years, being obliged to return home on account of poor health. She taught music for several years, when she married Mr. Werner. She is at present residing at Fremont, O.            

Nettie Burkley taught school prior to her marriage to Mr. Conklin. She died about 8 years ago.