This post is a transcription by member Linda J. Collins from “THE SPY THE ANNUAL” of Galion High School, Published by the Class of Nineteen Hundred and Seven. Pages 129 – 138 This yearbook is located at the Ohio Genealogical Society Library, Bellville, Ohio. Please note that the transcription has maintained errors of spelling and other inconsistencies in the original pages.

Class of 1887

Thad Bryant is now a contractor in Texarkana, Arkansas.

            Frank Cook was employed by the Erie R.R. in various capacities, and is now ticket agent in Galion.

            James Bryant was killed in an accident near Shelby in 1887.

            Homer Quigley is a Big Four engineer residing at Bellefontaine, O.

            Charles Tracht taught country school for some time, and then became a florist. He is located west of Galion.

            Jennie Bland is living with her father in Galion.

            Michael Shea cannot be located anywhere.

            Belle Myers married Mr. Porch and now resides in Mansfield, Ohio.

            Inez Miller took up teaching and is now in charge of the D Primary grade in the East building, Galion.

            Ella McCool was employed as stenographer by the Erie in Galion. She is now a stenographer in Cleveland.

            Laura Mitchell married Mr. Johnson and lives in Ontario, Ohio.

            Etta Rhinehart married Mr. Cook and lives in Galion.

            Emma Schaeffer has died.

            Cora Taylor married Mr. Belser and lives in Bellefontaine.

            Emma Hoyt was employed as a stenographer in Cleveland until her marriage to Mr. Whittlesay.