This post is a transcription by member Linda J. Collins from “THE SPY THE ANNUAL” of Galion High School, Published by the Class of Nineteen Hundred and Seven. Pages 129 – 138 This yearbook is located at the Ohio Genealogical Society Library, Bellville, Ohio. Please note that the transcription has maintained errors of spelling and other inconsistencies in the original pages.

Class of 1884

  • Mabel Wineland married Mr. P. Herbold of Galion, O., and has since resided there.
  • Laura Clase clerked in a dry goods store, and later became Post office clerk, which position she holds at present.
  • Carrie Gill resided in Galion for a while, then moved to Dixton, Ill., where she married Mr. C. A. Todd, of Saracuse, N.Y., and has since resided there.
  • Anna Paul was a seamstress until married to Mr. Boyer and is now residing in Galion.
  • Jennie Miles married Mr. Moonen and is residing in Chicago Junction, O.
  • Sadie Winans married Mr. Moss and is residing in Creston, Pa.
  • Rena Reese was librarian at Galion Public Library for two years, then attended the Library Institution at Indianapolis, Ind. and is now teaching there.
  • Lulu Ristine, telephone operator, married Mr. Hanlin and resides in Union City, Ind.
  • Lydia Kinsey learned the milliner’s trade at Mrs. Dices, and was employed as clerk at Block’s Dry Goods store. She married Mr. Louis Porter and is residing at Lindsey, O.
  • Mary Baldinger is a teacher in the Galion Public Schools.
  • Sadie Mackey attended the Ohio Wesleyan University; she married Mr. H. Pounder, resided in Buffalo and Cleveland for a short time and has since resided in Galion, O.
  • Carrie Spittle married Mr. L. R. Davis and is residing in Galion, O.
  • Ella Connors is a dressmaker in Galion, O.
  • Inez Reed is no longer living.
  • Jennie Cook, telephone operator for three years, married Mr. J. H. Rowe.
  • John Laird learned the machinist trade at the Erie shops and was then employed at his father’s boiler shop. He has since occupied different positions in Galion.
  • Frank Rule is a milliner at Dundee, Mich.

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