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Tracking Vol VI #3 pg 23-24 – August 1980

Xerox copy from Bob Meister dated March 26, 1887


(typed by Mary Fox exactly as the handwriting is written:)

Names of teachers who have taught school in dist, Liberty Township, Crawford Co. Ohio

John McClure taught the 1st school in 1822 in a cabin which stood on the farm now owned by Mrs. Nathan Cooper.

Mr. Kent taught in a cabin which stood near the river, on land now owned by E.M. Moore.

The first school-house built in the dist. was erected in 1829 on land now owned by Arnome Wingert, just east of where the run crossess the Plymouth Road. It was a round cabin, with clap board roof, puncheon floor, fireplace with out side chimmey made of sticks an mud. An translucent paper windows. Wage $12. to $16–. 1 m.

Teachers. John Eaton – William Dunlap – William Andersen – Mr. Ball – Mr. Morison – Mr. McGill

The Second School house was built in 1839 near the cross raids, being similar to first except glass windows an a stove.

Teachers – John Eaton – Wm Cunning – Saflie Foster – Robert Andrews – Sal. Chambers – John Puttman James Hultz – 4 yr. – James Larwill – Thomas Alsap, – George Stone, Josiah Plants – Mr. Dill, Alex Gardner – George Strough

The third school house was a frame structure built on the present S. grounds in 1847 – Wages $16. to $24. per mo.   

Teachers – Alex Gardner – Thomas McCullough, – H.S. Bevington – M. Spore. Sr. – Hiram Andrews Lambert Lones, – William Park – Henry Conley – W. S. Perral- C. F, Ludwig – Lizzie Sheckler G. Meyers, Rachel Woodsid – Elsie Hilliaris – Lizzie McCracken – Jennie Service – Jane Larmer St. Clair Andrews.- Ellen Andrews;- Mrs. Rachel McMichael – Kate Cobb,- Emma Baker

The fourth Schoolhouse was also a frame building, erected in 1868 on the present school ground. Wage $20. to $50. per mo.Melville Bolds 1868-1869; Melville Boles 1869; E.M. Moore 1869-1870; Emma Sheckler 1870; E.M. Moore 1870-71; Cyntha McMichael 1871; J.A. Moore 1871-1872; Lovina Spahr 1872; J.A. Moore 1872-1873; Victoria McKenny 1873; Elias Crall 1873-1874; Mattie Snyder 1874; F.B. Black 1874-75; Sarah McCurdy 1875; F.B. Black 1875-76; Laura Correll 1876; A.J. Meyes 1876-1877; Louisa Dirmeyer 1877; John Cox 1877-78; Ida x; H.E. Neff 1878-79; Bell Kerr 1879; J.H. Fimhle 1879-80; Hattie Teetrick 1880; A.J. Meyeso (Meyers)? 1880-81; Hattie Teettrick 1881; V.R. Williams 1881-1882; Clestia Kerr 1882; Elizabeth McCracken 1882-83; Anna Zimmerman 1883; E.C. Gillord 1883-84; Mary Korner 1884; Della Shell 1884; A.C.Churchill 1884-85; Estella Krohn 1855; Atta McCullough 1885; J.M. Meyers 1885-86; Attae McCullough 1886; *Ida Beach 1878 follows John Cox

Mary’s note: I tried to type this just as it was written, Sal. could be Sol. The underlinded N N N N I do not know what they mean and A.J. Meyeso is probably Meyers. The original is 2 large sheets and will be open for your inspection.

Newsclipping with picture of pupils dated 4 April 1942 – 

FROM THE FAMILY ALBUM – (apparently a regular newspaper feature)

We go back a long way today to Oct. l8, 1887 and the scene is the Huntly school distirck(sic) No. 5 in Dallas twp, This is an unusual picture in that so far as the contributor, B.F. Hollenbaugh 120 Bland Ave., Bucyrus, knows, all but four of the group are still living. And the school building still stands on the Monnett-New Winchester road. There were no priorities, nor rubber shortages in those days, but the teacher, James H. Pace, walked daily to and from school from his home in Caledonia. Other teachers who followed him included, Laban Buzzard, Dan Angene, W. P. Baker, Viola Martin, John H. Daly and Charles Hoover of Wyandot who also walked to and from the school.

Pictured – O.W. Kennedy, Bucyrus, Orange Kennedy, farmer; T.M. Kennedy, Bucyrus, Emma Sexton, address unk; David Baker, Sacramento, Cal; Rhoda Baker, Phil.Pa; Jesse Minich, Toledo, Frank Hollenbaugh, Bucyrus, Sylvilla Whitemire, sister of Mayor Whitemire, of Marion; Hugh Hood, Columbus; Grace Saxton, address unknown; Elmer Sawyer, Marion; Sylvia Baker, Columbus; William Kennedy, deceased; J.H. Pace, deceased; Myron Kennedy, Marion; Maud Carmean, Upper Sandusky; Florence Minich, deceased; Bessie Hollenbaugh, Akron; Cassie Whiteamire, deceased; Charles Brooks and Fred Brooks, both of Marion.