The Society met at the Bucyrus Public Library with the following members present:
Mary Fox, Kevin Kohls, Melissa and Robert Leppert, Kim Teeple, Anita Ackerman, Jette Cander, Shirley
Gardner and Kathy Yaussy.
Kevin Kohls opened the meeting.
There were no previous minutes read.
A notice from the local Post Office was reported on. We can no longer take the newsletters to be mailed
up to them on a Saturday, only Monday thru Friday. This has come from the Cleveland Post Office and
not our local one. If anyone wants to help deliver these, please contact Mary Fox.
The Crestline Advocate is running an ad for the Veterans Books for FREE for us! Thank You!! They also
have several of the two books at their office for anyone to purchase.
Mary Fox would like to shout a great big “thank you” to her proof readers! Also to her son, Kevin for his
“donating” of his back to help move books around.
It was decided that any newsletters that Kim Teeple receives by email from the surrounding counties of
Crawford will be posted on our website.
All of the 2023 programs with dates and places has been set for the year.
Kim Teeple reported the website usage for the last year. Looking good! Keep checking in on it!!
The Crestline Historical Society will be hosting a Civil War presentation on February 19, 2023. Call them
for the time.
A motion was made to help support our three major libraries in the county with funding for any
genealogical and technology services that pertain to this type of research by Kathy Yaussy and seconded
by Jette Cander. The motion was passed. Mary Fox will be contacting these libraries to see what their
individual needs may be. This will be revisited yearly.
Robert Leppert asked and got permission to revise the current by laws of the society. He will have this
ready for the April meeting.
A motion was made by Bob Leppert and seconded by Jette Cander to adjourn.
The next BOARD MEETING will be in August. The date will be forth coming once it is nailed down.
We hope to see everyone at the April 20, 2023 meeting at St. John’s Lutheran Church in New Washington
at 7:00pm. Career veteran, Dave Riedel will present the program about his career and also choosing two
local veterans from New Washington that he will honor. Please come join us!!

Respectfully submitted by KathyYaussy