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Tracking Vol. III #2 pg 5 May 1977

From a school souvenir book of the Sub-District No. 7 Holmes Tp., Crawford Co., 0.

Teacher: I. L. Crall
Directors: Samuel Meck, Eli Miller, Wm. Brinkman
Melvin BealGilbert Bohn
Irvin BiggsJay Dininger
Gustave DerflerHarry Krauter
Harvey MillerCarl Meister
Emanuel MillerFred Boerkircher
Otto MeisterClifford Miller
Alfred MillerMelvin Meister
Arthur MeckPursel Pfouts
Preston RoopJames Andrews
Wm. BentlespacherFred Bentlespacher
Herman BoerkircherNina Brinkman
Louisa WeltyViola Barger
Pauline WeltyFannie Dininger
Esther DiningerLydia Derfler
Adelia ManahanSophia Boerkircher
Blanche DiningerBessie Meck
Alma MeisterMary Derfler
Carrie KrauterElla Miller
Fern MeckFred Welty
Otto Scheffler

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