This post was contributed to the Crawford County Chapter of OGS by Kristina Stearley as part of the Florence Siefert Scrapbook in 2010.

The scrapbook is compiled from undated, unidentified newspaper clippings involving events in the lives of Crawford County citizens living in or having connections to New Washington, Tiro, Shelby, Sulphur Springs, Chatfield, Bucyrus, Ashland, Mansfield, and other areas. Only minimal spelling or punctuation corrections were made. Unreadable areas are shown by underlines, dots &/or question marks. This collection has been scanned, “optical character recognized” (OCR’d), proofed, then coded for HTML by volunteers of the Crawford County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society. Since the copies are not of the best quality errors may have been made. Please contact us if you find corrections needing to be made or can verify any missing dates which could be added.


On Saturday last Mr. and Mrs. Lon Garner celebrated their Crystal Wedding. In response to invitations about 80 individuals in all assembled at their residence to assist in celebrating the pleasant event. Numerous presents were given to Mr. and Mrs. Garner with a wish that their future years may be many and full of joy, and happiness. After the presents had been formally presented the guests were invited to dinner at which the most aristocratic could have found no fault. Everything desirable to appease the appetite was furnished in abundance. The variety of delicious cakes was simply immense, and there simply remained a vast surplus to which the four charming misses, who so creditably acted in the capacity of waiters helped themselves (?) to their hearts content. Everybody present enjoyed the occasion and were pleased with the pleasant entertainment given them. The following are the presents together with the names of those who presented them:
Glass Syrup Cup and Fruit dish, Misses Fairy Scott, Ella Wagner and Kit Lantz; Set of Silver tablespoons, Mrs. Adaline Scott; Silver Caster, Grandpa Powers; Glass fruit dish, Bessy Garner; Breakfast Caster, Nellie Powers and Fannie Trego; Glass fruit dish Mrs. Calvin Garner; Silver pickle caster Calvin Garner; Silver pickel caster, Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Stevens; Pair of Vases, Mrs. J. J. Bear; Mustache cup and saucer, J. J. Bear; Black Cashmere dress, Grandma Powers Bible Stand, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Ailer; Glass fruit dish Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Lederer; Oil painting Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Baker and son; Water Set and a lot of tinware, Mother Garner; Toy Birds, Clara Garner; Breast Pin Cal. Runion; Elegant Hanging Lamp by the following named gentlemen and their wives: Dr. T. F. Keller, Dr. A. H. Hise, J.F. Kimmerline, F. A. Lumbar. Chas Vollmer, I. S. Rinehart, W. A. Rolley, Jno. Donnenwirth, Frank Tobin, Ab. McKean, Jno. Carson, Isaac Hosler, W. S. Guthrie, J. I. Smith, and Henry Beeker, Jr.

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