Compiled in June, 1985
by Millie Cole, Marilyn Harrer, Betty Eckstein, Kathryn Easterday, Helen Guthrie
Edited by Edna Pettit, Esther Smith

Class of 1960

Carol Allen Chapman, Nancy Cole McClure, Kenneth Conley, Lana Cover Cline, Vance Dick, Wayne Dixon, Ruth Gwirtz Fraley, Jean Hanlon Wallace, John Hatch, Donna Hipsher Dean, Pat Hogan, David Kaylor, David Morrow, Thomas Niese, Fred Pfleiderer, Marlene Pfleiderer Owens, Priscilla Rietschlin Banning, Karen Sands Bruce, Leslie Schiefer, Gene Shull, Avery Stidman, Carol Studer, Flossie Triplett Kaple, Carolyn Vanasdale Spohn, and Aaron Wenger.

The last staff to teach at the Tiro Consolidated School:  Robert L. Dean, Superintendent; Robert Johnson, Principal, Social Studies and Science; Walker Thomas, English and Speech; W.E. Schnegelsberger, Music; Mary C. Long, Commercial; Ronald Smith, Coach and Math; Ruth Fetter, Social Studies and Biology; Mrs. Robert Smith, Home Ec.; John Thomas, Voc. Ag.; Laura Thompson, 6th Grade; Marian Erwin, 5th Grade; Marilyn Haines, 4th Grade; Deidre Smith, 3rd Grade; Mammie Brown, 2nd Grade; and Betty Davis, 1st Grade.

Even though Tiro High School was small, many of its graduates became very successful in the careers of their choice.

More happenings in 1960

Another organizational change was implemented in 1960.  In 1954 it was apparent that additional insistence for better education was becoming stronger from the State Department of Education.  Their regular inspections involved careful checking on the high school standards for instruction.  Tiro was meeting the minimum standards, Leesville and others were unable to offer the required number of subjects and employ the number of high school teachers qualified in so many areas as specified by the standards.

To correct such deficiencies, the County Board adopted a statement of policy in 1957 in “regard to redistricting or merging of school districts.”  The main thought of the board was that the board wanted “substantial evidence” that the people affected desired such action.

In 1958 Mr. M.J. Conrad, School Plant Division, Bureau of Educational Research and Services at Ohio State University was hired to conduct a school survey in the county schools.  In May 1958 the County Board received a petition from Jefferson Local School district with 432 signers seeking to transfer the entire Leesville district to North Robinson.  In March and April 1958 Whetstone and Sulphur Springs had made similar petitions. 

Early in 1960 resolutions came to the county board from New Washington and Tiro Boards of Education “recommending the consolidation of these two districts and any other district,” and a request came from the Chatfield district to be included in the consolidation.  The County Board then proceeded to create the Buckeye Central District and appointed the following to the new Board:  Perry D. Rothhaar, Albert Shell, George VanOrsdall, and Burton Vanasdale.  Mr. Arthur Crisp became the first superintendent of the Buckeye Central District.