Compiled in June, 1985
by Millie Cole, Marilyn Harrer, Betty Eckstein, Kathryn Easterday, Helen Guthrie
Edited by Edna Pettit, Esther Smith

Class of 1940

Florence Auman Bradrick, Jean Amstutz Lohr, Betty Bruce Dillon, Walter Bevier (dec.), Mary Lou Dudley Kaffer, Mary Lou Davis Bogner, John Grove, Roy Imhoff, Donald Lash (dec.), Ruth Magers Mack, Clara Metzger Dunn, Harold Swalley (dec.), Bernadine Studer Holmer, Doris Vanasdale Leffel, Maxine Watt Thoman.

Remember when:  The school buses had three steps out the back of the bus.

Class of 1941

Arthur Akers (dec.), Joyce Benham Seawall, Daryl Brewer, Glen Cotsamire, Doris Crum Davis, Elinore Davis Allwine, Mabel Eckstein Wilson, Rita Gosser Gamble, Carl Gwirtz (dec.), Hathleen Hilborn Cotsamire, Ella Humphrey Fisher, Eugene Kaler, Alice Traxler Capell, Clinton Lake, Donna Morehead Huggins, Eldon Pry, Herman Strouse, Dortha Stephan Swalley, George Sutter, Dorothy Wilson Ewing, and Paul Wilson.

Faculty:  A.C. Wilson, Superintendent; Dale B. Kenney, Principal, Math and Science; Ruth Whirledge, Home Ec. and Art; Thelma R. Minick, Eng. and Phy. Ed. and Latin; Leroy Bratton, Voc. Ag. and Shop; Esther French, Commercial; Jean Cook, Music; Walter Wolfe, Coach, Biology and Social Studies; Ruth Neal, 5th and 6th Grades; Mary Cruea, 4th Grade, Aileen Eckstein, 3rd Grade; Helen Haskins, 2nd Grade; Grace Morehead, 1st Grade; and Charles Howell, Janitor; Helen Wilford Akers, Office Secretary.

Remember when:  There were May Day festivities with a May Pole dance and all the food at the last day of school potluck was attended by the entire community.

Class of 1942

Donald Bevier, Esther Cole Shull, Kathleen Cole Vanasdale, Kenneth Cole, Alice Crum Rodi, Jayne Dudley Mann, Paul Feichtner (dec.), Robert Glower, Richard Griffeth, Wanda Kessler Young, William Metzger, Eldon Minck (dec.), Lillian Morehead Lambert, Helen Nye Starrett, Virginia Schiefer Swogger, and Margaret Willford.

Faculty:  A.C. Wilson, Superintendent; Dale Kenney, Principal; Miss Ramge, English; Leroy Bratton, Coach and Voc. Ag.; Miss Minick, English and Drama; Miss French, Commercial; Miss Holtshouse, Music; Miss Cook; Maryanna Pfahler, Music; Mrs. Stone; Mr. McLaughlin; Mr. Reeder; Mr. Wolfe; Ardis Reichard; Miss Cockran; Miss McMann; Miss Peoples; Miss Willford; Miss Mathews; Miss Morehead; and Miss Kaufman.

During the 1940-war years, school children collected milkweed pods to use in the filling for life jackets.

Class of 1943

Dorothy Bevier Horner, Donald Copeland, Harold Davis, Donald Glower, Carl Gosser, Leah Grove Tooker, Earl Hopkins, Jane Howell Keck, Elwood Humphrey, Glenn Kaler, Donald Lake (dec.), Eleanor Lash Rowe (dec.), Eleanor Magers Hench, Dwight Noris, John Pfahler, Kenneth Pry, Millard Rhodebeck, Earl Smith, Betty Stephan Sutter, Esther Studer Warren (dec.), Norbert Studer, Donald Sutter, Robert Tooker, and Ernest Wilson.

Faculty Members reported to the committee:  A.C. Wilson, Superintendent; Dale Kinney, Principal, L.M. Bratton, Voc. Ag.; Ruth Whirledge, Home Ed.; Esther French, Commercial; Miss Boyer, English; Margery Lync; Kathryn Raw; Helen Stone; Lois Lycan; Martha Baker; and Grace Morehead.

Class of 1944

Walter Akers (dec.), Beverly Amstutz Zeiters, Martha Brown McPherson, Forrest Cole, Florine Gosser (dec.), Vernon Graham, Donald Grove, Herbert Gwirtz (dec.), Elizabeth Lash Sheppard, Joyce Raudabaugh Grove, Dolores Schiefer Bevier, Virginia Schlenbaker Herrington, Miriam Stevenson Rinehart, Glen Ulmer, and Roger Wiley.

Baccalaureate was held May 14 with Rev. Frank Zartman as speaker.  Commencement was held May 18 with Dr. Raymond Bixler as speaker.

Class of 1945

James Baker, William Cole, Ruth Copeland Pfahler, Mearl Davis, Helen Ewing Pry, Richard Fagan, Wilbur Gray, Margaret Miller Baker, June Pierce Hunter, Leonard Reitschlin, Robert Smith, Grace Snyder Lash (dec.), Vincent Studer, Robert Stump, and Clark Swalley.

Remember when:  The high school boys wheeled coal from the coal bin to the four furnaces to get out of study hall.

Class of 1946 

– Ruth Brewer Metzger, Hugh Crouse, Alice Fried Baker, Marian Lake Marvin, Carolyn Lash Spangler, Mary Kathryn Lash Straub, Evelyn Magers Weible, Blanche May Graham, Helen May Barton, Vernon McLaughlin (dec.), Raymond Metzger, Donald Pope, Marilyn Pope Lambert, Junior Pry, Clifford Rheimbolt (dec.), Castalia Schiefer Poffenbaugh, Herbert Schneider, Herman Seibert, Cleo Steele Traxler, Leo Steele, and Pauline Watt (dec.).

Board of Education Members:  William Bevier, President; Edgar Stephan, Vice President; Emmett Dudley, Clerk; Elwood Blackford; Howard Flegm; and Herbert  Artz.

Teachers reported to the committee:  A.C. Wilson, Superintendent; Dorothy Given, Music; J.E. Dunbar, Voc. Ag.; Ruth Fetter, History and Latin; Matilda Carpenter, Home Ec.; Matilda Frisch, Math and English; Mary Jo Fleet, English and Literature; and Lucy All Fleet, Typing and Bookkeeping.

Remember when:  A pin was stuck in the recess button ten minutes early so we could play ball longer.

Class of 1947

Alta Baker Codding, William Baker, Walter Burky (dec.), Ruth Bevier Davis, George Cole, Jr., Irene Cole Long (dec.), Eugene Flegm, Theresa Rietschlin Hicks, Joseph Graham, Zita Metzger Wechter, Glenna Smith McCoy, Kenneth Stephan, Carl Stiving, Janette Studer Holt, and Charlton Wagner.

Faculty:  Dale B. Kinney, Superintendent, Arithmetic, Phy. Ed. and Coach; Ruth Whirledge, Home Ec., Health and English; Robert Clymer, Voc. Ag.; Mary Jo Fleet, American History, English, Biology and American Literature; Derwood Hanline, Arithmetic, Algebra, Adv. Algebra, Physics and Geometry; Wauneta M. Smith, Spelling, Music and Band; Helen J. Weidemaier, Business and Phy. Ed.

Class of 1948

Shirley Amstutz Burky, Elwood Fried, Wilma Jane Kessler Neidermier, Naomi Magers Ransom, Marilyn May Winters, Gale Norris, Donna Orewiler Pugh, and John Pearce.

Board of Education:  William Bevier, President; Herbert Artz, Vice President; Kathryn Pope, Clerk; Howard Flegm; Weldon Nye; and Leland Pope.

Faculty:  Dale B. Kinney, Superintendent; Derwood L. Hanlin, Principal; Rosemary Hanline; Helen J. Weidemaier; Wauneta Smith, Music and Band; Ruth C. Fetter; Ruth A. Whirledge, Home Ec.; Leota E. Hawking, 6th Grade; Dorothy M. Bevier, 4th and 5th Grades; Maude G. Carey, 3rd Grade; Amy E. Gray, 2nd Grade; and Doris C. Grauer, 1st Grade.

Class of 1949

Florence Auck Striker, Marjorie Baker Grant, Betty Bevier Eckstein, Glenn Burky, Marlin Cole, Ross Eckstein, Helen Fagan Crase, Naomi Fried Armbruster, Ruth Graham TenEyck, Eleanor Leonhart Stephan, Charles Magers (dec.), Cordelia Schiefer Chapman, Rose Steele Mount, Leland Stump, Leona Stump Neff, and Effie Zeigler Cole.

Board of Education:  Edgar Stephan, President; Herbert Artz, Vice President; Leland Pope; Weldon Nye; Howard Flegm; and Velita Kinney, Clerk.

Faculty:  Dale B. Kinney, Superintendent; Lutrell Troesch, Principal; Carol Hill, Vocal Music and Eng.; Mr. Snyder; Mr. Clymer, Voc. Ed.; Ruth Fetter, History and Civics; Miss Weidemaier, Commercial; Gloria Green, Home Ec.; Mary Smith, 5th Grade; Leota Hawkins, 6th Grade; Kathryn Wilson, 4th Grade; Maud Carey, 3rd Grade; Amy Grau, 2nd Grade; and Doris Grauer, 1st Grade.

The basketball team won third place in the county.  We won the sportsmanship trophy.  Schools from all over the county were watched through the basketball season and the coaches and referees picked the team and spectators who showed the most sportsmanship.  It was quite an honor to win it.

Betty Bevier Eckstein composed the Tiro School Song which follows:

            Oh, dear old Tiro High, we’ll be                       Oh, in our hearts will always live,

            Forever loyal and true to thee.                          The memories you gave us dear,

            Though the odds be great or small,                   In our voices there’s not fear,

            Our Tiro High will win o’er all.                         When our schoolmates and friends are near,

            Red and White our colors call                           To our teachers who did stand,

            They’ll never waver, never fall.                        And teach us of this freedom land,

            By our school we’ll always stand,                    Thanks we sing to thee most high,

            And answer to her beckoning hand.                 And sing its praises to the sky.