Compiled in June, 1985
by Millie Cole, Marilyn Harrer, Betty Eckstein, Kathryn Easterday, Helen Guthrie
Edited by Edna Pettit, Esther Smith

Class of 1930

Elwood Blackford (dec.), Mary Collum, Olive Crum Egner, Carl Eckstein (dec.), William Ervin, Rozena Feik Betts, Ernest Freese (dec.), Alice Love Manning (dec.), Mary Morrow, Florence Pry Hannafus, Lloyd Starliper (dec.), and Bennett Winemiller (dec.).

The Class of 1930 published the first school annual.  Commencement speaker was Supt. C.W. Cookson.  The girls wore white dresses and the boys grey suits.  Members of the Board of Education were Willard Dick, President; Fred D. Wagner, Vice President; Wm. W. Davis,Clerk; Lester Smith; Ernest H. Blackford; and J. Winfred Hanna.

The school faculty follows:  H.L. Shibler, Superintendent, History and Civics; Paul Dillon, Principal, Coach, Science and Math; Cecilia J. Allen, Eng. and Latin, Public Speaking; Mildred Grau Flegm, Home Ec.; Foster Hoffman, Agriculture; Albert C. Wilson, Junior High; Anna Kessler, 4th and 6th Grades; Kathryn Wilson, 5th Grade; Beryl Lutz, 2nd and 3rd grades; Ruth Kaufman, 1st Grade; Edna Ulmer, Music; and Charles Howell, Custodian.

Class of 1931

Charles Burky (dec.), Opal Buskirk Skipp, Doris Carrothers Neumann (dec.), Leona Clabaugh Short, Doris Cole Clark, Paul Cole, Dorothy DeVoe Riley, Russel Feik (dec.), Leota Grandstaff Dunn, Dorothy Hanna Blackford, Eliza Hartman Ernst, Inez Hartman Buskirk (dec.), Marjorie Hartman Miley (dec.), Francis Laughbaum, Woodrow Lybarger, Edna Pettit, Lois Seif Laubie, Bruce Shull (dec.), Esther Smith, Gwendolyn Spillette Mise, and Carolyn Wagner Snyder.

Board of Education members were the same as in 1930.  Albert Wilson moved from the junior high to become Principal and Physics and General Science teacher.  New teachers were Elmer Burkholder, Algebra, Latin and Geometry; Dorothy Hoeferle, 4th and 5th grades and Art; and Lillian Baumgartner, Music and English.  Commencement was held May 21 with Dr. W.G. Clippinger, President of Otterbein College giving the address.  The yearbook finished in the red and none was published for several years.

Class of 1932

Lillian Becker Zaebst (dec.), Doris Brown Sapien, Charlotte DeVoe Leonard, Violet Donnenwirth Burrer (dec.), Pauline Hanna Tooker, Charles Ludin, Frances Ione Melick Tooker,  Mary Kathryn Melick Kafer, Evelyn Miller Miksel (dec.), Effie Mitchell Swinehart, Leitha Pry Brundage, Ralph Vanasdale (dec.), Zenith Waldbauer, and Eldon Winemiller.

Teachers:  Mildred Grau, Home Economics; Foster Hoffman, Voc. Ag.; E.A. Burkholder, Bookkeeping and Arithmetic; A.C. Wilson, Geography, History, and Coach of girls’ sports; Rev. C.J. Renner, Orchestra and Music; Edna Ulmer, Orchestra and Vocal Music.  Rev. Cora Tester conducted bible study on Friday in the 5th and 6th grades.

In the senior year the Anti Saloon League gave a test on prohibition and hazards of drinking throughout Ohio.  A textbook was provided to study several weeks in advance.  Charles Ludin, Pauline Hanna, and Marcelle Rindfuss, of Holmes Liberty, received the highest test scores in Crawford County and were chosen along with 107 other seniors from Ohio to go on an expense-paid trip to Washington DC to attend the National Anti Saloon League Convention and sightsee for five days.

Mildred Grau kept the Home Ec. Girls busy in the fall canning tomatoes and carrots for use in making vegetable soup for the cafeteria.

Class of 1933

Marion Brown, Verne Cole, Opal Collum Broz, Earl Copeland, Lois Ervin, Robert Farrell, Evelyn Hartman Grown, Charles Howell (dec.), Irwin Lohr, Helen Morrow White, Irene Norris Fetter, Ila Pettit (dec.), Mildred Smith Copeland, Franklin Swanger, and Pearl Welker Gouge.

Faculty:  Otto C. Meyer, Superintendent; A.C. Wilson, Principal; H.H. Warner, Voc. Ag. and Coach; Rev. C.J. Renner, Music; Elmer Burkholder, Math; Mildred Grau Flegm, Home Ec.; and Cecilia J. Allen, English and Latin.

This was the first class to complete 12 years in the Tiro Consolidated building.

Class of 1934

Rutherford Clabaugh, Starling Cole, Gayle Davis (dec.), Emmett Flegm (dec.), Fred Guiler (dec.), Ruth Hartman Holcker (dec.), Martha Howell Nye, Dorothy Donnenwirth (dec.), Howard Morehead, Harold Nye, George Traxler, Irwin Tooker, and Clifford Willford.

Board of Education:  J.W. Hanna, president; J. Walter Lake, Vice President; Wm. W. Davis, Clerk-Treasurer; Homer Willford; and James Wiley.

Faculty:  Otto Meyer, Superintendent; Albert C. Wilson, Principal and Science; Mildred Grau Flegm, Home Ec. and Social Studies; Eleanor Shoots, English; Ernestine Holtshouse, Music; Hildred Warner, Coach and Voc. Ag., and Elmer Burkholder, Math and Latin.

H. Morehead, H. Nye, I. Tooker, and R. Clabaugh were the senior players on the only basketball team to reach state semi-finals from Tiro High School up to that time.  Other members of the team were John Farrell, Carl Hipsher, Gid Shatzer, Art McKew, Milton Griffeth, and Gilbert Guiler.  Team manager was Otto Feik.  “Pop Warner” coached the basketball team that won 4th place in the state.

Class of 1935

Herbert Artz, Opal Crunkilton Whatman, Iris Ervin Nelson, John Farrell (dec.), Otto Feik, Gilbert Guiler, Carl Hipsher (dec.), Pauline Lash Hancock, Mildred Love Armbruster, Arthur McKew (dec.), Milton Griffeth, Joan Metzger Glazer, Doris Minich Bauer, Lucille Schieffer Chapman (dec.), Miriam Smith Stoodt, Burton Vanasdale, Pauline Willford Kepler, and Gid Shatzer (dec.)

A partial list of the faculty included:  O.C. Meyer, Superintendent; Albert Wilson, Principal; D.T. Friday, Voc. Ag.; Miss Holtshouse, Music; and Elmer Burkholder.

Remember when:  You addressed your teacher as “Miss” because there weren’t any “Mrs.”

Class of 1936

Ruth Becker Miller, Frank Bevier (dec.), Eileen Brewer Stroble, Mary Louise Easterday Fields, Vern Cahill, Paul Clawson (dec.), Edna Crum Shull, Herschel Fried, Norman Hanna, Kathryn Guiler Freeburg, Donald Hipsher, Muriel Hilborn Guiler, James McKew, Elsie Melick Artz, John Metzger, Oscar Shatzer, Floyd shuck, John Swarer, Don Ellis Swalley, John Trago, William Ulmer, and Martha Vanasdale Peebles.

Board of Education Members:  James Wiley, J. Winfred Hanna, Homer Willford, Walter Lake, and W.W. Davis, Clark.

Faculty Members:  O.C. Meyer, Superintendent; Albert Wilson, Principal, Mr. Young, Coach; D.T. Friday, Voc. Ag.; Miss Achey, Home Ec.; Miss Holtshouse, Music; and Miss Sheaffer, English.

Remember when:  The superintendent was locked out on the roof on a cold March day.

Class of 1937

Isabelle Bevier Spayde, John Bevier, Pauline Bevier Hammond, Russel, Copeland, Dana Dick Shull, Donald Dudley, Avery Fry (dec.), Edwin Griffeth (dec.), Doris Kaler McCracken, Orval Lash, Warren Lake (dec.), Forrest Lohr, Arlene Lust Jones, Esther Magers Cahill, Marcille McKew Fry, Irene Metzger Klopfenstein, Ruby Smith Schimpf, Ellsworth Ulmer (dec.); and Harold Wagner.

Mrs. Young, Home Ec., was a new faculty member.  Ward McCracken and Alma Hilty were teaching in the grades.

Remember when:  It was a treat to buy your lunch at school and not have cold egg sandwiches.

Class of 1938

Richard Artz, Anna May Auman Dean, Belva Brewer, Winifred Cline Hanna, Donald Crum, Helen Davis Walker, Peggy Dudley Wisler, John Griffeth, Richard Guiler, Loren Hipsher, Max Pettit, Warren Pry, Robert Pry (dec.), Jean Robinson, Virgil Schiefer, Dale Seif, Howard Smith, Dorotha Studer Metzger, Andrew Tooker, Jr., Howard Ulmer, Naomi Ulmer Mohrhoff, James Weaver, and Robert Wilson.

Faculty:  A.C. Wilson, Superintendent; Dale Kinney, Principal; Maynard McFadden, Voc. Ag.; Esther French, Commercial; Margaret Achey, Home Ec.; Mr. Young, Coach; Mr. Owens, Science; Eleanor Short, English; Elmer Burkholder, Math and Latin; Miss Holtshouse, Music; Carl Ross, Music; Charles Howell, Janitor; and Minnie Howell, Cafeteria.

Remember when:  You went hunting on the first day of the hunting season and the teachers came looking for you.  But they brought their guns along.  Hunters almost always caught the limit that day.

Class of 1939

Charles Akers (dec.), Earl Barger, Marjorie Copeland Karr, DeForrest Ervin, Helen Farrell Smith, Harley Lust, Evelyn Miksel McKew (dec.), Forrest Nye, Marietta Schiefer Sharpless, Pauline Sonnastine, and Helen Willford Akers.

Board of Education Members:  J.W. Hanna, J. Walter Lake, Homer W. Willford, James M. Wiley, and George A. Auman.

Faculty:  A.C. Wilson, Superintendent; Dale B. Kinney Principal; Esther M. French; Geneva R. Shealy; Phyllis A. Koehl; Alma Hilty; Sam L. Owens; and M.F. McFadden.