Compiled in June, 1985
by Millie Cole, Marilyn Harrer, Betty Eckstein, Kathryn Easterday, Helen Guthrie
Edited by Edna Pettit, Esther Smith

Class of 1922

Edna Bender Brown, Ruth Buskirk Davis (dec.), Grace Farrell Wiley, Esther Flegm Lash, Rowland Frazee (dec.), Ruth Kaufman, Clinton Lash (dec.), Merrill Lash (dec.), Thelma Melick Cole, Earl Pry (dec.), Ellen Pry Egner, Frances Wiley Brehman (dec.), and Kathryn Wiley Lash.

Staff members privileged to teach in the new high school were:  H.H. Miller, Superintendent; J.C. Miller, Principal; Mrs. Henrietta Wahlemeier, Home Ec.; Frances Cochran, Latin and Eng.; James Frew, Agriculture; Fred Berry, Phy. Ed. and Coach; H.J. Cary, Science; and Ernest Blackford, Custodian.

The first Commencement in the new consolidated school was held May 19, 1922.  The first PTA meetings were held December 9 and 14, 1921.  The PTA put on plays and with the proceeds, the curved front walk, part of the shrubbery, and a motion picture projector were purchased the first year.

Class of 1923

Millie Crum Cole, Berdena Flegm Ervin, Sarah Hanna May (dec.), Durline May Dindal (dec.), Dorothy Moore Dewey, Geraldine Morrison Blumenstiel, Dorothy Wiley Baer, and Paul Winemiller (dec.).

Norman Byers, Phy. Ed. and Coach, was added to the staff.  Before the days of the Ohio High School Athletic Commission, boys planned to remain in school and play basketball another year.

Remember when:  The school had two flag poles on top of the building.  The junior class and senior class would put up class pendants on the flag poles at night.  One class would put theirs up, the next night the other class would take that one down and put theirs up the pole, and then grease the pole so you couldn’t take it down.

Class of 1924

Kathryn Cahill Easterday, Miriam Cahill Butler (dec.), Florence Crum Lechner, Agnes Flegm Jordan (dec.), Muriel Hoover Hirtz (dec.), Benton Lash (dec.), Carrie McClain Bradley, Ava Pettit Arnold (dec.), Joseph Pohland (dec.), Helen Shealy Lash, Kenneth Shilling (dec.), and Alma Swartz Winn (dec.).

The faculty this year was composed of:  H.H. Miller, Superintendent; J.C. Miller, Principal; Fred Berry, Phy. Ed. and Coach; Frances Cochran, Latin and English; Henrietta Wahlenmeier, Home Ed.; Edna Ulmer, Music; Mr. Willett, Music; Gladys Blair, 1st grade; Lilly Welty, 2nd and 3rd Grades; Miss Thorne, 4th Grade: Mr. Furgenson, 5th Grade; Anna Kessler, 6th Grade; and A.C. Wilson, 7th and 8th Grades.

Class of 1925

Doris Boor Taylor, Kenneth Buskirk, Clarence Dick (dec.), Marion Easterday (dec.), Kathryn Farrell Pope (dec.), Arthur Kessler, Clarence Love (dec.), Harold McDermott, Janet Morrison (dec.), Leland Pope (dec.), LaVon Shull, Alice Solden Zingerman, Luella Stephen (dec.), Lillian Sutter Wagner (dec.), Kenneth Wagner.

High School pupils were bus drivers, and school buses were parked in the school garage when not on the route.  Drivers of horse-drawn wagons furnished their own teams.  Mr. & Mrs. Willett came from Plymouth several times a week to teach music.  Ruth Dick was history and English teacher; Amy Eggleston was 7th and 8th grade teacher.  Many of the 1924 staff remained in 1925.  Serving on the Board of Education were:  Ira Pettit, Dr. W.H. Guiss, Lloyd Howell, James Farrell, Sr., and Lester Smith, with William Davis as Clerk.

Remember when:  There were no school girls in slacks or blue jeans.  All wore dresses.

Class of 1926

Robert Arnold (dec.), Thelma Black Shell, Evelyn Brown Gledhill, Lawrence Buskirk, James Clawson (dec.), Wilbur Dick, Robert Hanna, Edgar Howell, Lynn McCammon, Warren Morrow, LeRoy Pagel (dec.), Russell Pfahler (dec.), Martha Sheaffer Haberkamp, Isabel Shilling Berry, Mabel Shull Baker (dec.), Naomi Stough Moore, Robert Wiley (dec.), and Donna Yohn Durnwald (dec.).

High School Faculty Members – H.H. Miller, Superintendent; W. Arnholt, Principal; Fred Berry, Coach; Henrietta Waldenmeier; Ruth Dick Fetter, Latin and English; Miss Walters; Mr. Lee, Math; Clarence Hopkins, Agriculture; Helen Westervelt; and Amy McConnell, 7th and 8th Grades.

Class of 1927

Ramona Boor Crall, James Farrell, Howard Flegm (dec.), Miriam Griffeth Bordner (dec.), Corine Lash Pagel, Irvin Pfahler (dec.), Kathryn Raudabaugh Hopkins (dec.), Ruth Shilling Marsh, Helen Winemiller Guthrie, Liburn Samples (dec.), and Luther Potts.

Class of 1928

Melvin Amstutz (dec.), Opal Black VanHorn, Norma Brown Buskirk, Herbert Bruce (dec.), Noel Buskirk (dec.), Helen Cole Young, Mabel Feik Oberlander, Harry Minich (dec.) Genevieve Pettit Nethers (dec.), Wayne Starliper, Virginia Vaughn Kline, Gwendolyn Wagner, Marjorie Wiley Neumann, and Mary Fetter Payne.

Opal Black and Genevieve Pettit assisted Helen Westervelt in lunch preparation and serving for a total of 75 cents a week paid from the Home Economics instructor’s salary.  Home Economic classes canned garden surplus and fruits in pre-subsidized food programs.

Class of 1929

Harold Blackford (dec.), Joy Boor Longnecker, Martha Brown Volk, Paul Cahill (dec.), Miriam Carrothers Wiseman, Helen Cole Dillon, Elon Grandstaff, Evelyn McClain Greter, Howard Moon (dec.), Elwood Pfahler, George Sheaffer (dec.), and Lloyd Stephan (dec.)

Wm. S. Ferguson was Superintendent and Robert M. Leader was Principal.  The class of 1929 was the eighth class to graduate from Tiro Consolidated making a total of 103 people to do so.  The Baccalaureate service was highly attended with Rev. C.A. Sundberg, Pastor of Second Lutheran Church of Springfield as speaker.  The Commencement speaker was Dr. Ward R. Reeder, Ohio State University.