This post was contributed to the Crawford County Chapter of OGS by Kristina Stearley as part of the Florence Siefert Scrapbook in 2010.

The scrapbook is compiled from undated, unidentified newspaper clippings involving events in the lives of Crawford County citizens living in or having connections to New Washington, Tiro, Shelby, Sulphur Springs, Chatfield, Bucyrus, Ashland, Mansfield, and other areas. Only minimal spelling or punctuation corrections were made. Unreadable areas are shown by underlines, dots &/or question marks. This collection has been scanned, “optical character recognized” (OCR’d), proofed, then coded for HTML by volunteers of the Crawford County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society. Since the copies are not of the best quality errors may have been made. Please contact us if you find corrections needing to be made or can verify any missing dates which could be added.



BROWN–On Sunday, December 25, of diphtheria after a sickness of nine days, Sherman Joseph Brown, youngest son of Willis and Nora E. Brown, aged one year, ten months and twenty-five days.
Little Sherman was a very bright little boy and loved most dearly by his parents and all who knew him. But as the Master passed by and saw the flower of rare excellence he saw fit to remove it to his manslon above that is reserved for little children.

And there before his Savior,
So glorious and so bright;
He’ll join the heavenly choir,
And praise him day and night.
Now Sherman is given over,
His clay lies ‘neath the sod;
And all his suffering ended.
Our Sherman is safe with God.

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