The below list was contributed to the Crawford County Chapter of OGS by Kristina Stearley in 2010 as part of the Florence Siefert Scrapbook.

The following have been furnished by our funeral directors, Davis Bros., as their account of funeral charges the year passed:

Jan. 13Infant son of Jos. Crouseaged 6 days
Jan. 13Mrs. Maria Shillingaged 61 years
Jan. 30William Ovensaged 60 years
March 1Anna E. Daughertyaged 73 years
April 10Mrs. Caroline Ovensaged 62 years
May 2Sarah J. Parsleyaged 40 years
May 3Ora Hoadleyaged 20 years
Aug. 3Ralph Allenaged 2 yrs, 6 mo.
Aug 11Mrs. Williamsaged 61 years
Aug. 25Thomas Millardaged 58 years
Aug 28Infant son of Iverton Hoadleyaged 4 months
Sept. 11Mrs. C. A. Hannaaged 70 years
Oct. 9Margaret Morrowaged 81 years
Nov. 10Peruanna Stewartaged 26 years
Dec. 2Margaret Mahonaged 70 years
Dec. 7Mrs. Mary Peaseaged 72 years
Dec 8Susan Sheldonaged 5 years
Dec. 10Mrs. Dr. Crouseaged 79 years
Dec. 15Elizabeth Daughertyaged 70 years
Dec. 22Mary Milleraged 47 yrs
Dec. 24Rebecca Stewartaged 74 years
Dec. 26Anna Robinsonaged 47 years
Dec. 26Sarah Stevensaged 66 years
Dec. 9Andrew Dickson
Dec.?Mr. Fry, living near New Washington.

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