This resource was originally published on the Crawford County Chapter of OGS’s rootsweb site on Tuesday, May 5th, 2015.

source: Crawford Republican transcribed by: Mary Fox

List of letters remaining in the Post Office, at Bucyrus, on the 1st day of July, 1839, which if not taken out by the first day of October next, will be sent to the General Post Office as dead letters.  John Forbes, P.M.  Crawford Republican, Bucyrus, Wednesday, July 31, 1839

Albright, Daniel

Brown, Thompson (2)

Bowman, John

Bieber, Conrod

Brown, John

Brown, Wm. E.

Bair, Adam

Bever, Michael or George

Burbacher, John

Calhoun, Joseph

Cox, John

Carlow, Gird

Cameron, Joseph

Claybaugh, Jacob

Croxton, William

Deam, Henry

Ditty, Amos

Doud, Sophiah

Eby, Peter

Eberhard, Frederick

Field, Seldon

Failor, Leonard

Farington, Moses

Foreman, Butcher

Garritt, C.B.

Gaisinger, George

Grocer, William

Heller, Jacob D.

Hattan, Edward

Hodges, Erwine

Howard, Salmon

Hesser, George

Hemminger, Samuel

Heppe, Jaacob

Hill, John Junr.

Jenner, William (2)

Johnson, Robert

Jackson, Isaac (2)

Jones, Jourdon

Kohler, Adam

Kimes, Uriah

Knowecker, John

Keller, David

Kliver, John

Lucus, Josiah Junr.

Loutz, George

Lehman, Mathias

Littleton, Solomon

Magers, Mary

Mowney, Patrick

Marquis, David

Myers, Will

Majors, Samuel

Massala, Thomas

Markgroff, William

Miller, Alexander

M’Cullough, William

McKee, James

McMichael, Allen

McBride, Andrew

M’Cullough, Hugh

McKee, Caroline

McDowell, William

Noblett, George F.

Newel, Elenor

Odell, Melancthon

Plummer, Nathaniel

Patterson, Gesse

Price, George

Pennington, Mariah

Quackenbus, Sabra

Rogers, Thomas

Robinson, John

Rossier, John George

Richmond, Homer

Redig, Daniel

Schnider, John

Sheasley, Christian (2)

Shockey, Solomon

Shong, John

Slagle, Elias

Shade, Abraham

Spangler, Michael

Snyder, William

Swimily, John George


Shoup, Henry

Schwink, Jacob

Shong, Anny

Stone, E.M.

Smith, Frederick

Shoultes, John

Stoll, John George

Tindall, Thomas

Tillbury, Cary

Warner, Joseph

Weirick, Aaron

Wittinmayer, Henry (2)

Bowers, Benjamin or

   Walters, Jacob

Wagner, John Ludwig

Wilmoth, Solomon

Wilhelm, Martin

Walton, Cassander

Wise, John

Walters, Mary

Yeats, William

Young, Jacob

Yoergens, Francis Lewis

German Letters

Roth, Jacob

Name Unknown