The Saturday Genealogy classes at Marvin Memorial Library have been cancelled until further notice due to the coronavirus. Please visit their website for more information

SHELBY, OH – Marvin Memorial Library will offer free genealogy classes the second Saturdays of the month from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Local genealogist Christina Yetzer Drain will present one hour of lecture and demonstration on a specified topic, followed by two hours of independent research by participants, with assistance if needed. Laptop computers are also available for research, or participants may bring their own to log on to library resources such as Ancestry Library Edition and Fold3. To reserve a seat, call 419-347-5576.

Feb. 8 2020

Where did my ancestors live?

Whether your ancestors were businessmen, factory workers or farmers, likely there is a record of where they lived. We will look at censuses, maps, Sanborn Insurance maps, city directories, newspaper archives, Google Earth, and more, to determine where their homes and businesses were located. 

March 14 2020 – Cancelled.

Deciphering handwriting

We will examine examples of old-style handwriting and look at websites that can help translate those odd-looking A, B, C’s.

April 18 2020 (note: third Saturday because of Easter)

Civil War Soldiers

Whether your ancestor was a Yankee or a Rebel, his unit’s battles were likely documented both in print and photos. Using Fold3, the Official Record of the War of the Rebellion, and other records to locate military records and units, we research battles and other information to create a story about those brave soldiers.

May 9 2020

Hidden Women in your Family Tree

Throughout history, women were usually identified by Mrs. and their husband’s name. It’s even harder to determine maiden names.  Learn how to find records that can help identify those hidden women.