source:  John C. Heiby


I have identified a local veteran, James A. Heiby, who was from Bucyrus, but not included in the list of veterans killed in WWII. My aunt knew him and his family. He was killed in October 1944. I found this on the internet: B-17G 43-38188 B/D Missing in Action, Merseburg flak. On the return, the aircraft was trailing the formation by about 20 miles with one or two engines out and airspeed at 125 KPH, when the pilot contacted the Group leader to ask for fighter support and permission to land at a friendly field on the continent. Permission was granted and fighters dispatched. Different crews monitoring the VHF heard the pilot contact the fighters and heard the fighters reply that they would follow him to a friendly field. The pilot was heard on VHF to state he was heading for Eindhoven, Holland. Unknown if he reached Eindhoven. Later learned that he forced-landed at Zutphen, Holland. With 7BS. Pilot: Heiby. Missing Air Crew Report # 9549. 2 Killed in Action, 7 Prisoner of War. KIA HEIBY JAMES A (P) 2 LT 7 O-820745 BUCYRUS OH