Greets Friends at Open House

(Contributed by Kristina Stearley from the Florence Siefert Scrapbook)

Miss Malinda Myers celebrated her l00th birthday today. Miss Myers greeted well-wishers today with a smile and a twinkle in her eye that belied her years when open house was held for her at 21 Clark avenue where she makes her home with Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Olds.
Born 100 years ago in a log cabin near the present site of Myers school and former church donated by her family west of Shelby, Miss Myers has made her home in and around Shelby the greater part of her life. One of thirteen children, she is the daughter of Mr. And Mrs. John Myers, pioneers in the county, who died in the 1890s.
Although suffering a broken hip last year which has made her virtually bedfast, Miss Myers is still able to get up for short periods of time and expected to be able to sit up to greet her many friends today. Her health is reasonably good and she still retains an unusually alert mind and nimble fingers. Reading Is one of her chief pastimes and those about her marvel at her grasp of current events and ability to comment on them.
During the last year she pursued one of her hobbies and made a cross-stitch rug which she presented to Dr D. Bruce Young, pastor of the Lutheran church where she is a member. Crocheting is another of her handcrafts. For many years she worked in various textile occupations.
Still vivid in her memory are the corduroy roads, the Civil war and the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. She has travelled quite extensively, living for periods of time in Kansas, California and Florida.
She jokingly recalls how the log cabin in which she was born was torn down and reused, but as a wood walk.
She has a simple formula for living to be “a hundred”: “Live right and eat what you please.” Surprisingly, pie is her favorite food.
The centenarian has the following bit of advice for youth: “Read the Bible, attend church regularly and be honest.”
On hand for her celebration today were all four of her nieces who, like relatives and friends alike, call her “Aunt Linda.” These nieces are Mrs. Eva Cahill, from Tiro; Mrs. Will Ott, Shelby; Mrs. Charles Pittenger, of Muncie and Mrs. Trenna Sutter of Oakland, California.
She also has five nephews. Among them are three brothers, Roy and Chalmer of Shelby and Oscar Myers of Springfield, 0.; Roy Myers of San Francisco and Frank of Waukegan.
She has made her home for the past four years at the Olds home.
Not in the least daunted by her hundred years, she remarked the other day she felt good for many years to come.