(This sketch by Frances Reiter © 1999 is an interpretation of information about
the Crawford County Boundary Changes in the 1855 Atlas and may not be 100% accurate)

(from the 1855 Atlas)

July 4, 1809 Crawford County originated when 7 miles of the area purchased from the Indians within the borders of present-day Crawford Co. opened for settlement. The eastern 4 miles were part of Fairfield Co. and the balance was part of Franklin Co.

January 7, 1813 When Richland Co. was organized, the eastern 4 miles of present-day Crawford Co. were made part of Richland Co. and the remainder was part of Delaware Co.

September 10 1816 & September 17, 1818 Under treaties with the Wyandot Indians, all of north western Ohio purchased from the Indians; however, they retained a few tracts of land, the largest (12 by 18 miles) was within the boundaries of present-day Crawford and Wyandot Co.

February 12, 1820 All of present-day Wyandot Co. was then Crawford Co. except for an irregular 4-mile strip on its western border. A 4-mile strip on the east part of Crawford Co. was in Richland Co. (now parts of Jackson, Vernon & Auburn townships). Also, for the convenience of settlers in the northern part of the county, all land north of the Indian Reservation was placed in the care of Seneca Co. This is now approximately the present-day Texas, Lykens and western portion of Chatfield townships. Crawford Co. was under the jurisdiction of Delaware Co. until December 15, 1823 when it came under Marion Co. jurisdiction.

January 31, 1826 Crawford Co. was organized composed of the same territory as when formed in 1820.1835 Six miles of the eastern portion of the Wyandot Reservation was purchased from the Indians. A few years later, Crawford Co. was opened for settlement.

February 3, 1845 The western 18 mile strip of Crawford Co. became part of Wyandot Co. At the same time, a 4-mile strip of land 20 miles deep, was added to Crawford Co. from Richland Co. Also a strip of land 2 miles wide and 16 miles long was added to Crawford Co. from Marion Co.

1848 A one-mile deep 7 miles east to west in the southeastern part of Crawford Co. became part of the newly formed Morrow Co. This was the last boundary change.

(See the atlas for further details and illustrations of these changes)

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