CD for Evangelical – United Brethren – Methodist – and the merger of the three churches into the United Methodist Church in Crawford County Ohio 

THE EVANGELICAL CHURCH IN OHIO MEMORIAL EDITION 1816-1951 BEEGLEY ARCHIVES DELAWARE OHIO – ALBRIGHT’S WORK PERPETUATED gave the history and personal stories, plus we added information and research too.  The pages explain the Circuits and the churches at that time. 

The Methodist Church in Crawford County Ohio has an awesome amount of records about the members, photos and stories. 

The United Brethren Church in Crawford County Ohio – contains the same great information, records about members, photos and stories. 

The Methodist CD for computer has 169 pages  

The Evangelical CD for computer has 52 pages 

The Methodist & Evangelical are sold together for $15.00 – see order form for details  

The United Brethren CD has 213 pages–$15.00 – see order form for details